The Top 5 Best Power Forwards in NBA History

Everyone always has a heated discussion when it comes to this subject, but here are the top 5 best power forwards of all time:best power tower

5) Dirk Norwitzki – He may not be your traditional power forward, but he has certainly revolutionized what the position is all about. A great mixture of Larry Bird like shooting with the wingspan of Moses Malone. If he ever gets to win a championship, he’ll be known as one of the best players of all time.

4) Karl Malone – The only reason why he isn’t ranked higher is because he was never able to close the deal and win an NBA title. But he was a handful to deal with in the paint. He and John Stockton simply perfected the pick and roll. Nobody was able to stop such a simple play.

3) Charles Barkley – Standing 6 ft 5 in, you wouldn’t think somebody like that could handle the power forward spot. Not only could he handle it, he dominated men that towered over him. It goes to show that you didn’t have to be 7 feet tall to be an incredible rebounder. He was like the Tazmanian Devil in the paint.

2) Kevin McHale – He had some of the most awesome post moves the NBA has ever seen. Those incredibly long arms meant trouble for the opposition, as he could block a shot from the bench. Charles Barkley said he is the best power forward he has ever played against. Now, that’s saying something.

1) Tim Duncan – If you want to teach somebody the fundamentals of playing basketball, all you have to do is show them film of Tim Duncan. There have been flashier, but none better.